EDC Process and Prices: What to expect from your coaching engagement


The Executive Development Coaching process assists the client to:

  • Expand their capacity to perform effectively in their current and future management roles
  • Develop their leadership capability in a variety of dimensions
  • Identify and resolve issues that limit their ability to succeed in their professional career
  • Learn to think “dialectically”, enhancing their ability to develop innovative solutions to business problems
  • Develop enhanced self-awareness, the capacity to manage their own emotions, and relate effectively to colleagues.


  1. Intake interview to explore the client's goals and problems, and to determine if Executive Development Coaching is appropriate for them.
  2. Developmental stage assessment via two hour long semi-structured interviews and a behavioral instrument.   The interviews measure the client’s level social-emotional and cognitive development levels.  The instrument identifies strengths and weaknesses in 18 dimensions in three areas: self-conduct, task focus, and interpersonal perspectives.
  3. Weekly or-biweekly coaching sessions for three to six months (based on an initial assessment of the work required to meet the client’s objectives.)  The sessions use the client’s specific goals and identified problem issues to explore the client’s ways of thinking and feeling that keep them from realizing their full potential as business leaders and managers.  Alternative ways of thinking are modeled and explored to assist the client in expanding their own cognitive processes.  The perspectives of the next stage of emotional development are discussed to enable the client to step more easily into an expanded sense of their own capability.
  4. Completion interview to assess the degree of success of the coaching process.  A second developmental assessment can be conducted if the client requests it.



Developmental Assessment



Spiritual Intelligence Assessment  $249  

Individual Sessions (1 hour)



Three Month Weekly/Six Month Bi-weekly Contract (12 sessions)


Payable in monthly Installments of $440/$220

Six Month Contract (24 sessions)


Payable in monthly Installments of $400


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